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4 Simple Email Marketing Tweaks With A HUGE Impact

What's the first thing you should do when you want to boost your results with email marketing?

Test a different email template?

Test a different colored CTA button?

Test different sending times?

What else? What are some of the tweaks that could have the biggest impact?


Unbounce listed four of those tweaks in one of their latest blog posts:

1. Write like a human… to other humans

2. Pay attention to the only three lines that matter

3. Make your emails mobile responsive

4. Ask questions


Here's my favorite passage from the article (about point #4):

I recently sent out an open-loop email for a client who produces high-end, elementary curriculum. All the email said was:

    Hi [Name],

    Are you still interested in elementary [niche] curriculum?


The open rates were in the mid-60% range.

And the subject line was about as simple as you could get: “Hi [Name]” That’s right, exactly the same as the first line.

Even more wonderful than those open rates, people actually wrote back. A lot of people in fact. About an hour after the emails went out, the client sent me a short note of her own that simply said, “There’s too many responses. Can you help?”

Talk about a good problem.

Aaron Orendorff , Unbounce.com

Why, if that isn't the famous 9-word email... Nice, Mr. Orendorff! 😉

Read the rest of the article at Unbounce.com!


Mitro is a marketing nerd who has ideas about email marketing. He tests these ideas by himself and with his clients, and writes about them for others to enjoy too.

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