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  • Have you ever wasted money or time just to get a few not-so-interested visitors to your landing pages?
  • Are you struggling to turn those visitors into responsive subscribers, even when you are giving away your best content?
  • Or are you trying to sell your own products or affiliate products to those subscribers but you can only dream of high conversion rates?

Hi, I'm Mitro, the founder of EmaiLab.

And if you're like me, you've bought plenty of email marketing- and list building courses... only to find pretty much the same old, bad advice in each of them...

This blog is about the "other side" of the email marketing coin...

There are certain companies and entrepreneus out there who have huge, responsive followings... but their audience-building techniques are rarely talked about in the "Internet marketing space"

Take for example modern technology companies (such as Apple and Samsung) who have fans lining up for their products long before their release...

Or popular YouTubers whose subscribers could watch their videos for hours on end...

Or charismatic radio- and podcast hosts and their followers who listen to their shows no matter the subject...

There's still so much we email marketers can learn from other kinds of businesses...

In EmaiLab we research new strategies learned from the best audience-builders of today's world and apply it to email marketing.

Join in on the fun:

About Mitro

Email Mad Scientist

"So who is this guy?"

My name is Mitro. I'm a 20-something year old entrepreneur from Finland.

I teach and consult other businesses with email marketing.

How did I get here?​

I made my first website when I was in junior high school… One of those ugly sites with lots of stuff and no reason to exist (made with Geocities, of course, for those in the know 😉 )

That's how I got into web development, which has been a tremendously helpful skill to have.

I actually got my first clients when I was just a teen. Even established businesses were asking me to design websites for them - maybe because I didn't ask for any money.

That soon led into me dreaming about making a living on the Internet...

And at first, I was nothing but a dreamer.

I was in the army at the time. And when we weren't on training camps, I spent my evenings with my cheap Macbook buying and studying new Internet marketing products.

After a year in the army, I entered a university to study social sciences.

At this point, I was sick and tired of not taking action.

I started building small review sites and optimizing them for search engine traffic...

And it worked!

I was making money consistently.

But then "Panda" and "Penguin" came...

The infamous Google search algorithm updates.

I had no choice but to sell my review sites - otherwise their rankings would've dropped too much.

SEO wasn't so welcoming for small players like me anymore, so I had to come up with another plan.

That's when I started to get into email marketing.

It just made so much sense - you put up a squeeze page, focus all your traffic generation efforts to that page and you have a list! Then you can send your audience great content and useful promotions to make money...

Turns out, email marketing isn't that easy...

You could say I was very fortunate when one of my first tries in list building netted me a few hundred subscribers…

But the reality was that I wasn’t very good at building a relationship with my followers so I wasn’t getting anywhere with my fledgling email marketing business.

But then I discovered a new email marketing system…


This ”discovery” was actually a very long process of trial-and-error (which still hasn’t ended, by the way, as I am a lifelong student).

For example, I built my first list of a few hundred subscribers by interviewing influential people in my market and then getting my interviewees to share those interviews for me.

Turns out, if you're just borrowing other peoples' authority, it's quite hard to get anyone to care about what you have to say. That's lesson #1.

I would love to go into more detail about my "adventures" and about the lessons you can learn from them, but let's leave the rest for another time.

That's what EmaiLab is for.

I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve went through so you can learn from my successes and failures.

Some of that stuff I'll be publishing on this blog, but most goes out to the EmaiLab Newsletter members. You too can join by clicking the button below:

With that said, I welcome you to EmaiLab and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Thank you,

- Mitro "The Marketing Nerd"