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The most effective way to reach out to influencers is via email.

The biggest mistake you can do when emailing other people is to make the message all about "me, me, me!"

But that's not a problem when you follow the Spotlight Method.

You've done them a favor by featuring them on your own blog or other outlet... And you just let them know about that.

Let me just give you a swipe file of emails you can use ​to contact influencers:

I've packaged a collection of emails I've used to...

  • Let influencers know you've linked to them (so they will return the favor by linking to you + you'll get to establish a relationship with them)
  • Ask influencers for an interview
  • EXTRA: Cold email to a prospect (to get you hired by a client)

To download these email swipes (+ other outreach tips), click the button below:


Mitro is a marketing nerd who has ideas about email marketing. He tests these ideas by himself and with his clients, and writes about them for others to enjoy too.

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