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These are some of my favorite evergreen resources I use all the time.

If you find this list useful, let me know, and I'll keep updating it.

DISCLOSURE: Some of these links are affiliate links. Some of them are not. I would recommend all of these resources to you, even if they didn't pay me for referrals.

EmaiLab Products

Build A Responsive List

The EmaiLab list building strategy in a nutshell.

Are you struggling to get your subscribers to open and click your messages? If you're following the usual list building advice, it's no surprise... Discover how to build a more responsive list from the best audience-builders of today's world.




The email marketing service provider I use. They've been on this business for years and are trust-worthy... But they lack some features found in other tools (but there's a fix for that, found on this page...)

Thrive Content Builder + Landing Pages

Want to create awesome-looking, high-converting landing pages in a snap? Want to create gorgeous content even if you're not a designer or a coder? Check out Thrive Content Builder (and their free landing page training):


A community of digital marketers. Share ideas. Partner up. Get feedback. Get answers to your questions. You don't have to go at it alone.

Autoresponder Madness

Create follow-up series that convert. A unique mix of market research, copywriting hooks, storytelling and open loops.

Email Marketing Training

Email Response Warrior

Big Jason is the go-to email marketing guy for people like Bond Halbert and John Carlton. His methods are based on his 18+ years of experience. You can learn a lot from him about email copywriting, getting clicks, testing, tracking and more.

Ben Settle

Ben is - if not the father - the adopted father of daily emails that entertain and sell at the same time. His email marketing system can boost almost anyone's sales.

Sumo Email Templates

33 swipable emails for cold emailing, asking for a guest posting opportunity, getting feedback from customers and more (from Appsumo!). A great resource when you're not sure what to say in your emails.

Email Marketing Tools

AW Pro Tools

Makes Aweber better. A lot better. Almost as good as one of those fancy "marketing automation solutions". Okay, not quite that good. (Also, download these 5 Aweber funnel maps for free!)

Swipe Files

An unsightly cover but a great resource!

597 Email Subject Lines That Dare You To Look Away

An email subject line swipe file I use all the time. Also teaches you subject line "hot buttons" (such as curiosity or urgency) that get your emails opened.


A big archive of swipable sales letters, ads, emails, landing pages and more.

Website Management

WP Twin

Backs up WordPress sites reliably and in a snap. You have to pay (a lot of) extra for automated backups, but otherwise, it's really good.


If you have multiple WordPress sites, this tool is useful for keeping those sites up-to-date and safe.

Thrive Themes

The WordPress themes I use for almost anything now. Optimized for conversions and usability, not for fancyness or whatever.


A useful resource for beginners. Try the "FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool" and check out some of their guides.



A solid video hosting solution. Easy to use and has really good video analytics, but lacks a lot of features... Still, I like to use them.



The best dang link tracker out there. Has a ton features, but is still easy-enough to use. Has a lot of uses, so check it out:


Track what's happening on your site with Clicky. See how your opt-in funnels convert and more! See how it compares to Google Analytics.

108 Proven Split Test Winners

A collection of split tests by one of the biggest, baddest (ok, he's not that bad) gurus in our industry. Lots of unconventional tips on building funnels and more.


60-Second Sales Hook

A book I return to all the time when writing copy!

Crackerjack Selling Secrets

101 lessons from the world of sales. Will teach you pretty much everything you need to know about making sales.

20 Master Plots

Need to write a story? (You should.) Follow these proven formulas.

How I Got My First 3 Customers

People share their stories on how they got their first customers. Very inspirational.

Halbert Newsletter Archives

Direct response marketing tips from the best copywriter in the world.

Business Building

Tiny Little Businesses

If your affiliate marketing business isn't thriving, these guys can most likely fix that.

Ryan Lee

Learn to be a real businessman! In other words, sip coffee at a Starbucks and work on your laptop...